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Son and I got out to fish the Yak today not knowing what the conditions were gonna be like. Drove right to Ringer launch.

Arrival time about 1015, water temp 59, air temp about 85. Water level about 3100 cfs, water vis about 2 feet. Ben and I walked and fished upstream about ¼ mile.

Ben fished an ehc about size 12 on a floating line, 4X leader, 4X tippet. I started with an intermediate tip on my 5wt versi , 5X leader, 5X tippet with a pat’s stone nymph about size 8. Switched to a floating tip, same leader/tippet, and a stimi about size 8. A few caddis coming off maybe size 14-16. A few hoppers noted.

We left Ringer and headed downstream to check it out. Stopped @ Bighorn, mm20, umtanem, just above big pines, mm9, and roza.

Saw Mumbles pickup rig at Mahres..mm9. Hope you and the fam had a wonderful trip Ed. The weather was uber WARM.

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