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Yakima Baetis Hatch

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Last Wednesday, my fishing partner and I fished the lower canyon. It was bright and sunny. We started with a double nymph rig but about noon an incredible baetis hatch began and big trout started rising around us. We switched over to #18 dries (Griffith Gnat, Adams, CDC emerger, comparadun, etc.)

I caught a few nice-sized trout during the first couple hours, but as the hatch progressed and the number of naturals on the water increased, the fish seemed to totally ignore my offerings. Interesting note: Even though there were large numbers of flies drifting past me in the surface film, there were very few airborne.

I continued to flail away but my hook ups became few and far between even though large trout were in a surface feeding frenzy all around me. I tried both double and single fly set ups and 6X tippets, and almost every small fly in my box. It became frustrating.

A #18 Griffith Gnat worked fairly well during the first part of the rise but later produced nothing.

Question:Does anyone know of a fly that will consistently fool the trout during such strong baetis hatches? Or, is it better during such times to sit on the bank and watch the big show?
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When I find myself in that situation I comfort myself by realizing that most of the natural don't get eaten either.
hmm, sounds like you tried alot of things.Over the years I have had good luck with a little #20 or 22 PT nymph or WD-40 type-- but swinging it in the film.This year I used a very simple wet fly BWO- just an olive body with a dark dun tail and dun collared hackle tyed on a #22 standard wet hook- wife and I had some fantastic hours using this fly during these rise-fest's this summer.Sometimes though during these huge hatches you just have to try to indentify a single feeding fish and try over and over again in his feeding lane.They are so active feeding they often don't even see your offering until....,well,until they do.It is frustrating ,I know.Years ago I had many fishless evenings while the fish rose all around me over there and it took me along time to find a successful approach to the summer dusk madness.
I know the type of hatch and fish behaviors your talking about. All I have ever done is if I'm in the middle of the river, I just tuck my rod in my waders, and admire what mother nature has going on in front of me. If you can't beat em, watch nature in her full beauty.

Size 22 Adams, or Sparkle Duns seem to me get the most interest and results. Or use small P.T.'s greased so just under the surface. Pick one fish and work the timing of the rise. There are just too many bugs on the water for them to pick out your offering. Find a fish off to the side, or a quicker water seam. Still though, enjoy the fact your in the middle of something like that, It's an amazing time frame for you to be allowed to see.

Thanks for responding. Another follow-up question: Do you use these tiny #20 and #22 flies in tandem with another larger fly or do you use it solo and hope you can see it? Or do you use an indicator?
I like the tiny q. style cripples, and they're really hard to see when floating right. I'll combine them with a sparkle dun in front, and try to pick out two bugs floating together. Then I know those are mine. It's also not to late to tie a tiny cripple or nymph under a big orange stimulator. There are still some october caddis about, particularly on warm afternoons.
Pretty much went with them solo and put a focus zone about a three foot circle where I felt the fly landed. If anything rose in that area, a slight raise of the rod will tell you whats going on. Most often I could follow it to the water. When the fish are that intense, you can be right in the middle of them and not create much of a fear factor for them, so long casting is not that important to me. To be in that is a blast catching them, or just watching the feeding frenzy...

skate or cry

my goto has always been to skate that fly or twitch it over the holding water to make it stand out that much more. drag free drift what?! bhudda
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