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Yakima Float

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Glorious float from Ringer to Reds today in the finest Feb. weather seen for several years. A couple of bank fishermen but other than that like having your own private river. A bit shallow, but hey, they are drift boats. Big horn sheep, elk, deer, golden eagle and bald eagles, no rubber hatch, mighty fine. Now as the how the fishing was someone else will be reporting on that side of the equation, as except for, trying to break a new rod, 30.00 Daiwa including shipping, on the first cast, I spent my time rowing. The other side of the equation will be much more qualified to comment on the fishing--it may have something to do with the rower, I hope not-- then there may be a couple of comments about shark repellent, that some how I may to have picked up from Jim, without ever meeting him-- I did offer a hook file which I am never without -- it is even possible mumbles ends up in here somewhere. We shall see.
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Holy crap, I can't wait for the rest of this one.
It sounded to me like you were to be the rest, and what we got wasn't much.
Mumbles was probably at work. But his name did come up several times.
Well, I had a couple of objectives today - primary, to get a Mumbles-induced skunking off. I am beginning to think that it is true, however, I have personally seem him catch fish. Perhaps it was transferred in someway, because ever since that trip in mid-January - well, you get the picture. Secondarily, I intended to get a new Brodin Guide net that I got as a recent birthday gift, fishy. Third, I was testing out some new patterns, for, uh - fishability.

Given those parameters, I did achieve all three objectives. The river was low, cold, clear, and looked very fishy. It is my opinion that the lower canyon, in the winter, is less productive than the upper river. However, given my experience after Docstash departed from Ringer (I walked up towards the wall on the left, and using a olive streamer on a fast sink tip, hooked two nice fish and fished until it was dark) I can with confidence say that there are nice fish right now in the deep, slow pools at the mouth of the canyon, if that's what we can agree on as the nomenclature for that area.

Long, dull story short - Docstash was great company, a pleasure to fish with, a fine gentleman, and good on the sticks. I did not fish very well today. But, I achieved all of my objectives for the day and spent a great day on the river with a new friend. I'd say without the fish, it was a raving success.

Thank you Docstash for your time today, it was a pleasure indeed. Mumbles, the skunk is back on you. :)
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