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With all this negativity, I'll give you something positive about this weekend. I fished the Yakima on Friday and Sunday.

Friday, I and another YRFF officer fished from Ringer to about the mid-way point to Rhinehart. We had a great day and did well. March browns brought topwater action from 12:00-2:00. Being the bastard I am, I nymphed it.

Sunday. Floated from Teanaway to Raft Rentals.
Weird day. The river is running high, but it's not running dirty until the Taneum confluence. The water is a little bit glacial from the Teanaway, but visibility was pretty good. I fished like a jerk, showing my inexperience fishing out of a moving drift boat but did manage to hook one 12" fish on (Larry's) Lightening Bug.

Below Bristol Flats was an awesome March brown hatch. There were hundreds of them. Supposedly, it ran from 1:15-2:15. We caught the last 20 minutes. My buddy caught multiple fish that day, and two large fish from the March Brown hatch alone. The largest being around 22" and taken on the dry. The second largest fish he caught was taken on a size 16 or 14 Lightning Bug, pearl body.

In regard to the post regarding upset clients, I'll bet it was a tough day on the Yakima. A torrential downpour, hard winds, and very concentrated surface activity could very likely make for hard feelings in the drift boat.


Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by.
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