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yakima near cle elum?

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Any reports for the Yak near Cle Elum? Thinking about driving over the pass this weekend sometime but not sure if the waters still frozen. Also hows the pass looking? Not sure if my car can handle loads of snow and ice.
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Don't know about the Yak up near Cle Elum, but if you're not confident in your car's ability to handle snow, you might want consider that there's a winter storm warning for the west slope of the Cascades.
Ah, looks like I'll be skipping out on the Yak this weekend. Thanks ItchyDog.
why don't you head back to the sauk
I'm planning a new year's jaunt on Tuesday the 5th - will report back on the conditions.
why don't you head back to the sauk
just might actually. with the cloud and rain, hopefully it will be a good day :)
Hear the Sauk is fishing really good. I was home for christmas and had a great day on the Sky on the morning of Christmas Eve.
No ice or trout on the yak near cle elum today, but there was a LOT of snow stuck to my felt soles and frozen rod guides. It was dumping white stuff all day. I only fished an hour before my fingers froze. The sledding was great though :D. Wait till it warms up a bit
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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