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Fished the upper canyon on 8/11... water is in full summer time flow. Hoppers worked in the morning hours.. had a lull in the afternoon.. we both switched to caddis emerger patterns and had good success from 3 oclock on...
Rubber hatch was in good swing, if you plan on floating the Yak, try to find a section of river with low access.. I had 2 tubers with a rope between them float on either side of the boat.. with 60 feet of river to spare...
Rumors are that there will be a fall clean up on the river this year.. I know that the water needs our help after seeing the results of my last float.. I hope that all members of this forum will plan on taking a little time this November to help keep one of this states best trout rivers what it is..
Hatches were sparse.. terrestrials worked in the AM.. hoppers.. size 10 to 14.. and I had success with a "LaFontaine EZ2C" caddis size 14 in the afternoon hours, to the extent my fishing partner complained about having to pull the anchor up after every time I hooked a fish. :) We caught lots of fish in the 10 to 14" range.. with many more smaller trout LDR .. no big fish this trip.. I feel that the activity on the river held them down..
Hope to see you all on the river soon...

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