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Nice report. I was up in the lower canyon on both Friday and Sunday. Friday the BWO action started up and continued right thru the day until the wind kicked up late. Had a CDC BWO emerger trailing 6" behind a parachute BWO. The trailing fly caught 28 of the 30 fish I landed. Fish ranged from 10" to 16". Broke off a couple that seemed bigger. I too like the targeting aspect of going after a particular fish, getting the perfect drift and seeing the fish nail the fly..

Sunday was a slower day for me. Had one good hour from 12-1 when I caught and released 10 fish all in the 14-16" range. Using my 2 weight, these fish were a handful. Very few rises in the afternoon and never did figure out what the fish were looking for in the way of bugs!! I did see 4 different flocks of Bighorn sheep. One flock had over 20 sheep. Quite a few deer & hunters, though it's a little freaky to see guys walking down the road carrying high powered rifles. I always hope they're just hunters. I'm not trying to be funny with all the sniper things going on, it's just is a little scary!

I drive a white explorer with a black grill guard. Try to get to the Yak once or twice a week, mostly weekdays. Say hello or honk if you see me.

Another Greg

"In our family, there is no clear
line between religion and fly
fishing" Norman Maclean
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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