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Looking for one or two people to share a drift boat rental for a few days on the Yakima River September 16-18. I'll be out to Yakima for work that week and want to do some fishing. I'm an experienced rower and fly angler and I'd prefer people who are competent rowers so we can split time on the oars.

I plan on flying into Pasco and renting a UHaul pickup truck as a tow vehicle. Can rent drift boats at Red's in Ellensburg for $225/day. Maybe can negotiate a cheaper rate in mid-September for multiple days? I plan on camping between floats, but not camping out of the boat.

I'm pretty laid back on the river. I like drinking beer and floating. I like to catch fish but I'm not "tactical" at all. For example, I fish hoppers all day even when something else is working better just because I like the way they splat and float.
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