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Yakima Spey Clinic??

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OK, local yokals (Yakima, Lower Valley, Eburg, Moses Hole, Tri-Cities, Goldendale, Wenatchee/Leavenworth, W2, et al) the infamous Sir Kinney has graciously offered up a spey casting clinic on the Yakima. No you don't have to drive to the S rivers to partake..you can learn from a true jedi here. Yes, there is a cost and don't know what that'll be yet..Mike will let us know. Is it worth whatever it'll cost? Absolutely..I braved the pass last year to take his class on the Snohomish..3 hour class turned into about 5 w/o question. Awesome teacher who knows his shit. Give Mike an interest notation and committment and we'll get er done. Thanx guys..here is hoping we can increase the 2 handed interest into the east side.
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Ok..this is truly epic that Mike is willing to make the trip over the cascade curtain and yet there are 4 of us that would make it worth his time. Are all of you guys over here that good? If so, shoot me a pm and I'll tag along and watch. Just thought getting one of the true spey teachers over here would be cool..maybe not any interest. Whatever.
I have had the pleasure of taking one of Mike's classes and working with him on the Saturday on the river. He not only knows his stuff, he is a great instructor. You will not regret the cost. I wish I had been able to get his help early on. The learning curve would have been much shorter.
K, here's the deal. I have no control over Mike's schedule (I think he's in Boise this weekend for a clave) nor his economics. As I indicated in the initial post, pm him with an interest. He'll let us know when and how much. I'm just the messanger here.
I'd be interested...as long as it didn't interfere with steelhead fishing.
Hi guys Would the ninth or tenth of October work for you? My private E-mail is [email protected]
I'd love to go but I'm already scheduled to be fishing BC during Oct. 9 or 10. As much as I want to cast with Mike Kinney, BC steelhead take precedence.
Mike, looks like we've got seven with interest so far (8 actually, but BDD has to skip because of fishing BC..lucky bstrd, and good fishing up north dude). Those dates work for me. Give us all an update in a separate post with the when, where, and what ($). Thanx man for doing this. For those that haven't had this experience..stand by to stand by.
Mike just got back to me on $. Looks like $100 each..well worth the price and that was the fee on the Sky. You won't regret it..honest. Shit, I should run for office w/ that line. If you've followed the Skagit thing over the years, and heard the names of Mike Kinney, Ed Ward, Mike McCune..the skagit masters, you'll know what an opportunity this is. Sign up boys and girls..this is an inland empire clave #1. I'll scout the canyon for a gravel bar that's condusive to a class. If any of you have a suggestion on a particular spot, give me a shout.
MP 10 has a wide open bar, lots of room, and lots of positions for video.
Thanx Craig..I had a great pm from mumbles but had a lousy try a cut and paste..too much OMJ juice and looooosing seahawks.
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