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I fished the Yakima yesterday from 9:15am until 4:30pm at the Ringer boat launch and had pretty good success for a cold day on the river. The water temperature was a chilly 37 degrees. The air temperature started out around 30 degrees in the morning and warmed up to a high of around 38.

I started off with a seal (not real seal fur) bugger with a 24" egg patern dropper, and hooked the first fish, a 12" rainbow at around 9:40am. Ice kept forming in the guides and for a couple of hours I had to deal with this hindering my casting. I continued to fish this rig until around noon with no more hook ups so I changed rigs and landed 5 fish in the next hour. Two rainbows, 13" and 15", a 22" sucker, and two whitefish, 12" and 14". My feet were stiff and sore by 2pm from standing in the water, so I walked along the bank up the river and scouted for fish. I didn't see anything along the bank and once my feet had warmed up from walking I started fishing back down stream. I hooked and landed one 13" rainbow in the deeper flat water below the bank that has all the rocks with the trees anchored to it and then another rainbow about 16" around the corner just above the rock pile hole at the Ringer access. These fish were taken on a size 16 tungsten bead head pheasant tail nymph dead drifted 9 to 10 feet below a strike indicator. All in all it was a great day if you don't mind cold feet and finger tips! Finished the day up with a beer on the bank watching a pod of fish feeding on a midge hatch just before sunset.

Days totals:
6 rainbows largest 16"
5 whitefish largest 16"
1 sucker 22"
2 very cold feet
2 slightly cold hands
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