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Hi all, I'm going to the Yak at the end of March, 28-31. Does anyone know a place to rent drift boats and arrange shuttle services? I have heard a place called Reds will do both, but can't track down a phone number.
Also, anyone know of a good camping spot? Any other thoughts are appreciated as this will be my first trip there. Thanks all and tight lines!
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Contact Steve Worley at Worley-Bugger in Ellensburg at 888-950-FISH or their web site is worleybuggerflyco.com. There is a KOA campsite in Ellensburg as well. Reds is right in the lower canyon and they were just sold so I don't have their number. Evening Hatch is another fly fishing company out of Ellensburg that has a link on this web site. Good luck! :THUMBSUP

There is no publicly avaialable phone # for Reds (at least they don't accept calls). It has been sold, so I don't know that anybody knows what the story will be on fishing-raft rentals by end of March. It is a perfectly nice campground in the heart of the canyon (much nicer than KAO, which is pretty much just a place to park your camper or pitch a tent). I can't imagine that Reds won't be open at least for camping and/or shuttles by the end of March. Maybe the new owners will even answer the phone, but for now you have to show up. Do call Worley or evening hatch; they could likely supply you with a little more detail.
Understand I'm biased as The Evening Hatch has been providing this site Yakima Reports since it was first turned up. They do though cover Easton down past the slab and at a good price.

[link:www.theeveninghatch.com/shuttle.htm|The Evening Hatch Shuttle Service]

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