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I spent September 10 - 17th in the Yakutat Borough area, my first ever visit to Alaska. Why did I wait so long? What did I experience? Rain - lots of it, no mosquitoes, icebergs in the bay, coho to the fly, a break down on a transportation vehicle, coastal brown bears, more coho and some great meals.

Water Water resources Brown bear Kodiak bear Plant

a young coastal brown bear

Food Tableware Recipe Ingredient Pork

Moose tenderloin (absolutely delicious)

Water Liquid Crocodile Crocodilia Fluid

Coho to the fly (black rabbit strip leech, heavily weighted)

Sky Water Plant Natural landscape Snow

Spectacular vistas - Mt. Elias at 18,008 feet to the summit, picture from about 6 feet above sea level.

I rode the bus from E'burg to SeaTac and the reverse coming home. My wife picked me up at CWU and asked "what's your next big adventure", a one word response "Alaska". Why in the world did I wait until in my mid-70's to go?
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